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ADMINISTRATIVE INVESTMENT COMPANIES And TO PRIVATE INVESTORS Dear leaders and private investors! Society with limited liability "SOFTEN", Moscow and the group of companies "Practices", St. Petersburg, in the face of "Practices of oil", Russia, looking for an investor to Finance the construction (Start-up) mini refinery for processing oil sludge in the industrial zone of the Luga district, Leningrad region. Russia. This project is ecologically important for the Baltic sea region. Building plot with a total area of 4.95 hectares, in close proximity to the railway deadlock, with the availability of natural gas networks, water supply and Sewerage technical, in km the distance from the residential area. The project aims to recycle commercial fuel oil and oil sludge. This raw material, the reserves of which in Russia is practically unlimited, very cheap and its processing solves many environmental problems. The plant's capacity is 220 thousand tons/year of raw materials. The amount of investment is about one billion seven hundred twenty million rubles or $26 million in July 2015. The payback period is 3 years since the launch of the first stage. Under the current formula for estimating the value of a business when it is sold, on this site, that is in St. Petersburg, the amount of revenue will be not less than 6,5 billion rubles or 6.5 times more, or 433%. Form of investment is the creation and registration of a new company, where the founders will enter LLC "SOFTAN" as a licensee of the technology, the investor or pool of investors and a number of individuals. This thesis is discussed in the negotiations. Participation in basic capital - the subject of negotiations under the following conditions: - examination of the investment project; - work on the Board of Directors of the established company; - support in the management of the company; - exit from share capital of the company after the completion of the investment agreement or further part in the pool of the founders; The final product of this processing plant will be commercial petrol and diesel fraction, as a component of motor fuels consumption and export commodity oil. The project implementation period with the beginning of construction to start of production from 9 to 18 months. Business plan, feasibility study and project presentation is available, but due to the instability of the ruble require finalization. The representative of the company in St. Petersburg, Russia on the draft Lunev Igor as the representative of the group of companies "SOFTEN" - "PRACTICE", St. Petersburg. Russia. Mob. phone: +7 965 030 46 36; +7 906 277 73 15. E-mail: praktik-oil@ya.ru; tocD@inbox.ru
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Kontio Terho, Director of strategic development

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