Купим срочно D6

  17.10.2021       2727       Москва         
Купим срочно D6
We intend to find suppliers who has storage tank in Rotterdam tankfarm,to purchase D6 and A1 for our principal end buyer who has storage tank in Rotterdam. 

If you can supply D6 and A1 from storage tanks in Rotterdam, pls send us the tank location of yr end seller/refinery and yr offer based on Platts , plus Platts code for D6.Also pls provide yr fix price,as well.

Upon price agreement, our principal end buyer will send an ICPO directly to yr end seller/refinery, confirming the agreed price , asking for the contract.

Our demand is:

-D6)50 million gallons trial,200 million gallons/month for 1 year.

-A1)2 million barrels trial, 3 million barrels/month for 1 year.

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