Куплю Diesel EN 590 10 ppm. Дизель EN 590 с серой до 10 ppm, CIF порты Китая и Южной Кореи.

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We, the South Korean company Direct Buyer, are ready to negotiate only with Direct Sellers or with official Representatives who have a document (Mandate) for the right to negotiate, with simple Agents or Brokers without confirming the official document (Mandate), please do not write to me...
we do not work according to the procedures of sellers, we do not consider the procedures of sellers, our procedure is not subject to discussion, if you want to start working with us, you must strictly follow our procedure and this means you must copy our entire procedure and payment terms and paste it into the commercial offer and also send a letter of agreement that you, as a direct seller, are ready to strictly work according to the procedure and payment terms of our company, do you agree with this yes, if you agree then write me that you agree and we will start the transaction.
These are the terms of our purchase, which are non-negotiable, if you do not agree with our procedure and payment terms, do not write to me at all.
Here are my terms of purchase and payment, if you agree, write to me, if you do not agree, please do not write to me and do not need to offer me your terms of sales.
We, South -. Korean trading company intend and are ready to sign a contract - for purchase Bitumen 50/70, LCO (LIGHT CYCLE OIL) and Diesel EN 590 10 ppm.
1) LCO (LIGHT CYCLE OIL) origin: Russia.
Volumes: LCO (LIGHT CYCLE OIL) 50,000 MT - 100,000 MT, per month х 12 month.
2) Diesel EN 590 10 ppm origin: Russia.
Volumes: Diesel EN 590 10 ppm, 50,000 - 1,000,000 MT per month х 12 month.
3) Bitumen 50/70 origin: Russia.
Volumes: Bitumen (50/70) 10,000 MT per month х 12 month.
• Contract term: The Contract for 1 (one) year, with annual rollover.
• Terms: CIF;
• Delivery Port: CIF ASWP port of China.
• CIF price: price is negotiable.
• The Commission is 50% but buyer's side and 50% on seller's side.
(The Commission on both sides is paid by the Buyer);
(The Commission, side of the Buyer is completely closed);
• Payment method: The seller opens PB2% and the Buyer opens a SBLC МТ 760/ Т/Т МТ103.
Procedures: CIF (The procedure is non-negotiable).
1). Buyer provides this LOI (commercial intention of the buyer indicating desired conditions and procedures);
2). Seller - the vendor provides SCO- Soft Corporate Offer.
3). The buyer and the seller agree on the General procedure and the seller issues the FCO accompanied by its documents.
3.1) MOU with the owner to allocate the volume for sale.
3.2) MOU with the transport company ( Transneft ) or another company ) on the delivery of the volume to the port.
3.3) MOU with the port on transshipment and bunkering of volumes.
3.4) MOU with the shipowner on the freight of ships.
PS. Please note that this package of documents has nothing to do with PPOP and POP and does not require the seller to pay financial costs for their provision, but proves that the seller has access to the product and is ready for its delivery.
4). If the "Buyer" agrees with all points of FCO, he prepares and issues, together with the Bank, ICPO- irrevocable corporate purchase order (application for a compulsory purchase of the goods + BC (c proof of solvency).
5). The seller on the basis of the FCO and ICPO is the draft contract and sends to buyer after making the changes and additions to the buyer and the seller sign the draft contract as a basis for signing the contract.
Procedures: CIF (The terms payment is non-negotiable).
1. Seller and Buyer execute Sales & Purchase Agreement.
2. Seller's bank issues non-operational PB2%.
3. Buyer's bank issues non-operational SBLC МТ760.
4. Seller's bank, opens PB2% on the cost of a monthly batch and this will activate Buyer’s SBLC too simultaneously.
(PB and SBLC will be simultaneously activated.)
5. Seller charters vessels, loads the vessels and sets sail for Port of Discharge.
6. Upon arrival in Port of Discharge, and discharge, (Port Clearance is at buyers expense) SGS is conducted by Buyer’s nominated Inspection company.
7. After SGS Report, Buyer effects payment by MT103/T/T within seventy-two (72) hours of presentation of final Commercial Invoice and all salient cargo documents at sight.
Please provide your commercial offer.
Email: ivan_harkov@bk.ru

Харьков Иван
Углерод, ООО
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