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Good day!

As a part of the arrangement, i offer you delivery of Nigerian LNG (specification and test/annual delivery procedure below) in amount until 4 gaseouses per month on 72-74.000 MT each.

The uniqueness of the moment is that there are options for the price formation at the annual contract signing up for all 2022 year CIF for all ports around the world:

N-LNG has agreed the fixed price for the Supplier. If the contract and RWA are ready soon before , then for the Buyer the price will be as the fixed price of 660$ discount with 10$ MT. The total price is 650$ for MT.
The gaseouses and LNG are all N-LNG (the subsidiary of NNPC). The supplier buys all the entire volume from N-LNG after understanding that there is block fond guarantee for the Buyer/SBLC MT 760.

if you want to speed up the process the set of documents are need in:

First we need the following three packet documents:

1. KYC or CIS of the buying company (certificate of incorporation, director passport, short information letter)
2. We need RWA from the Buyers Bank to the Buyer stating their ability to block buyers fund on buyers account in respect of this business (This is the letter from the bank about opportunities of blocking funds in the Buyers account)
3. LOI letter of intent showing buyers intension to purchase the N-LNG Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas.


1. Buyer submits ICPO with Company information which includes the Companys registration certificate, along with RWA issued from Buyers Bank to Buyer, Stating Readiness to issue a Blocked fund MT799 on behalf of the Buyer in relationship to this deal (with Sellers name inscribed on the RWA) using sample verbiage as seen below on APPEX “A” of the Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA for verification and approval by Seller.

2. Seller issues to Buyer a DRAFT DEAL CONTRACT, for the Buyer to review which could be opened for amendments if necessary

3. Buyer fill their relevant and banking information, signs the Draft Contract and returns to Seller for preview & acceptance as well as to fill or insert Sellers banking information.

4. Buyer acknowledges the Sanitized SPA and sends Acceptance Letter stating their ready willing and able [RWA] immediately within 24hours

5. Within 2 banking days of signing this contract, the Buyers bank shall immediately issue the agreed instrument of irrevocable, confirmable, non divisible, transferable Blocked Fund (BF) via MT799 for 1 year in a Top Prime Bank swift to sellers nominated bank, using the verbiage as provided below APPEX “B.

6. Upon receipt and confirmation of the Buyer agreed Instrument (Blocked Fund via MT799 for 1 year) that was issued to the Sellers nominated bank; Sellers thereafter Issues an acknowledgement letter to Buyers as a proof of affirmation to perform.

7. The Seller to commence loading of product and afterward sends to the Buyers bank a Full Proof of Product (F-POP) documents as listed below:
1- Copy of Products Certificate of Origin
2- Copy of Statement of Availability of the Product
3- Copy of Export License Certificate
4- Copy of CPA to Transport the Product to the Loading Port
5- Copy of Bill of Laden
6- Copy of the Vessel Questionnaire 88
7 - Copy of Fresh SGS Report
8 - Copy of Estimate Time of Arrival (E-T-A Vessel
9 - Copy of Commercial Invoice (CI)

8. Upon completion of loading, the Seller to clear the vessel; for the vessel to sail to the Buyers Port of discharge for final Quality and Quantity test analysis by inspection such as SGS / CIQ or its equivalent.

9. Upon a successful Quality and Quantity test analysis, the Buyer make complete payment for the full product via (MT103 T/T) Wire Transfer.

10. Further shipment agreement are reached between buyer and seller on what kind of instrument to be used as well as term of trade for the next 12 months contract the Buyer and the Seller are to sing.

This is a trial delivery procedure. The annual contract is usually on SBLC MT760, but also can be on block fond.

The Supplier has been in the market for more than 8 years and has a high administrative capacity in Nigeria.

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