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Our group of companies currently transports petroleum coke on the territory of Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries in the interests of the owner of the product. Our company has worked out logistics routes from Russia to China, railway transport through Kazakhstan "Dostyk" station, as well as through sea freight. By agreement with the owner of the product (petroleum coke), we conduct a company to promote petroleum coke in Central Asia. We offer to supply petroleum anode coke grade B STO 78689379-03-2016. The production of petroleum coke is carried out by one of the leaders of the Russian oil industry and industry, JSC TANECO, which is part of the Tatneft group. Characteristics %: Humidity 9.0; Ash Content 0.3; Sulfur 3.4; fraction 72mm; Vanadium 0.03. To calculate the cost of "B" grade oil anode coke with delivery to Your production, send an application letter on a form with details (including Bank details) with a signature and seal, indicating the volume, delivery schedule, exact delivery address and logistics by email Intermediary services are paid for under an Agency agreement. Consider applications with other characteristics. Messengers 79139856264 Alexander.

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