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JET - 1

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Jet 1.

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$120 /.
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The Buyer issue ICPO
2. The Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI) for the available quantity in the Seller's
Storage Tank to the Buyer.
3. Buyer reviews, signs and returns the CI to the Seller with their signed Tank Storage
Agreement (TSA) for the Seller's verification and approval.
4. The Seller issues following PPOP/POP to buyer for evaluation:
a. Commitment to supply.
b. Authorization to Sell and Collect (ATSC)
c. Tank Storage Receipt (TSR)
d. Authorization to verify (ATV) via phone or email
e. Tank-to-Tank Injection Agreement (TTIA) to be signed by End seller,
Buyer and Buyers Tank Farm. Buyers Tank Farm sends back the TTIA
completed with all the relevant information.
5. Upon verification of PPOP by Buyer and presentation of endorsed TTIA /TSR by
Buyer, Seller sends UDTA for all parties including Tank Farm to sign to enable Buyer
to conduct Dip Test to obtain Fresh SGS. The Buyer conducts dip Test in the Seller's
reservoir/Tanks at their expense and Seller arranges the injection of the product into
the Buyer's tanks.
6. Within Twenty-four (24) hours after complete injection, Seller issues Injection report
for the complete injected quantity to the Buyer and Buyer issues 100% wire transfer
payment via MT103 to the Seller's nominated account.
7. The Seller transfers the title ownership to the Buyer and pay commissions to their
intermediaries via NCNDA/IMFPA.
8. After trial lift is completed, and the next shipment is followed according to the
signed and sealed Commercial Invoice by both parties.



+7 912 7900665


5500 + kcal/kg FOB, ,


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