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FOB, CIF/Export of petroleum products from Russia on the condition of FOB, CIF. LNG, Fuel oil M 100, Diesel fuel EN 590 10/50 PPM, Jet A1 Fuel, Petroleum Coce,< 1%.

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Dear Sirs!

Our company is ready to consider and organize the support of the application for the supply of petroleum products, to work on the allocation of the limit of goods for the transaction.

To organize the work, we need to receive an official application for the allocation of the product limit, a card of your company, a scanned copy of the passport of the director of the company and a confirmation from the bank about the possibility of financing the transaction. It is not possible
to prepare a contract without providing a package of documents.

The procedure for working with our company.

1. The buyer provides a package of documents for our work, addressed to our company. At the first stage, it is enough:

1.1. ICPO with FOB conditions.
1.2. A bank certificate confirming the availability of transaction financing for two monthly deliveries. Free form BCL.
1.3. A copy of the passport of the signatory.
1.4. A copy of the company's registration certificate.
1.5. A copy of the Goods storage agreement.
1.6. A copy of the regasification agreement (Only for LNG goods).
1.7. A copy of the license for the sale purchase and sale of goods.
2. The buyer enters into an NCNDA/IMFPA commission agreement with our company or in the form of our company's contract.
3. Our company organizes the allocation of the limit, full support for the preparation of the conclusion of the contract: the buyer is issued an official FCO from the Seller, the draft contract and the SGS of the goods.
4. The commission fee is paid during the implementation of the delivery contract between the Buyer and the Seller.
5. Our company, if necessary, and by additional agreement of the parties, conducts organizational and legal support of the contract on the basis of the NCNDA/IMFPA commission payments made or in the form of an agreement for the provision of intermediary services in the process of executing the contract between the Buyer and Seller.

We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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1.1. ICPO FOB.
1.2. , . BCL.
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1.4. .
1.5. .
1.6. ( LNG).
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3. , : FCO , SGS .
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5. , , NCNDA/IMFPA .


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